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The Nifeliz Group is a privately held company based in Guangdong, China. The company is still owned by the Lin family who founded it in 2019.

Nifeliz block Compatible with Lego

The Nifeliz Group Story

Nifeliz started has been committed to the innovative research of building blocks, hope to provide more funny and cool buildding blocks to every block lovers. We are focusing on the development of building blocks, serving hundreds of thousands of building block enthusiasts around the world every year. Rich experience on production of building blocks, especially in design and the quality control, which is the key to our success.

Nifeliz block Compatible with Lego

The Nifeliz Group Hope

We want to play our part in helping build a sustainable future and make a positive impact on society and the planet, which children will inherit. We believe we have a responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and aim for zero environmental impact on the planet.

The Nifeliz® Brand Values


For us quality means the challenge of continuous improvement to provide the best play material, the best for children and their development and the best to our community and partners. From a reputation for manufacturing excellence to becoming trusted by all – we believe in quality that speaks for itself and earns us the recommendation of all.


Creativity is the ability to come up with ideas that are new, surprising and valuable - and it’s an essential 21st century skill. Systematic creativity is a particular form of creativity that combines logic and reasoning with playfulness and imagination.


Learning is about being curious, experimenting and collaborating – expanding our thinking and doing, helping us develop new insights and new skills. We learn through play by putting things together, taking them apart and putting them together in different ways. Building, un-building, rebuilding, thereby creating new things and developing new ways of thinking about ourselves, and the world.


enthusiasm of man and the delight in surprising both yourself and others in what you can do or create. Fun is the happiness we experience when we are fully engaged in something that requires mastery, when our abilities are in balance with the challenge at hand and we are making progress towards a goal.